We understand that ordering a bespoke surfboard or unique piece of art can be a big decision and therefore ensure that this is a simple process 

1. The first step is to have a conversation so that we can understand what you would envisage the board or art work to look like, to ensure that its the right size, shape and it is embellished with the right image for you. This can be done face to face in the studio or via skype, telephone or email.

2. We prepare a detailed quotation for you based on the conversation. When you are happy with the quotation we ask for 25% deposit.

3. We provide an image and design for the board /artwork so that any final adjustments to shape, design or colour can be made. 

4. We inform you as soon as the cuttlebone has been made and keep you updated on the embellishment process. The balance is then due once your cuttlebone has been finished and before delivery.


The price of your own Cuttlebone will vary considerably depending on the choice of design, size and detail of embellishment however to give an indication of price. 

Handplanes start from £100, bodyboards start from £300 and hollowboards start from £2000

Paintings Start at £500

If you are interested in commissioning your very own cuttlebone / painting or would like further information please contact us via cuttlebones@gmail.com

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