So Why the name Cuttlebones?


A Cuttlebone is a cuttlefish bone, and whilst beach combing we have found many along the coastline. They have built in buoyancy, they float and they are even surfboard shaped and for anyone that has had the pleasure of seeing a cuttlefish they are very beautiful. They morph and change colour to camouflage themselves and are an array of different colours.Beach combing also led us to discover for ourselves a coastline strewn with rubbish, plastic and also broken polyurethane surfboards, boats and kayaks. With the importance of going plastic free wooden boards seemed to be the way forward. We started working with surfboard makers in the west country who produce wooden surfboards from paulownia and cedar sustainably sourced from renewable forests.


Why purchase a board or painting?

Our wooden boards are handcrafted, they are more environmentally friendly, they are unique and can be displayed on the wall when your not surfing. We love embellishing surfboards and whether it is a surfboard, hand plane or bodyboard we make them to suit your own requirements, they can be everything you want them to be. 

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